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What is TANK IN TANK system?

It is consisted by two different tanks, the one inside the other. Into th outer tank, the inertia tank circulates the water of the system of the central heating. Inside it there is a second tank for the hot water which is suitable for drinking water. Inside the inertia tank is immersed a exchanger for the connection to solar collectors.

The exchanger is steel of cylindrical shape and surrounded by boiler water. It has 60mm thick polyurethane insulation to minimize heat loss.To tank of use water is protected against corrosion by a magnesium anode. Its side surface is corrugated so as to permit the variation of its length as a result of the change of the internal pressure having as a result the exfoliation of the coated salts.

It is available in 200l, 250l, 300l, 400l and 450l.