The collectors are of thickness of 86mm. Their weight is 23 Kgr (collector 1x1.5) 36 Kgr (collector 1x2) 27 Kgr (collector 1.23x1.48) and 35 Kgr (collector 1.23x1.93).

Mistlite security - tempered crystals are used of thickness of 4mm, with transmissivity rate of 88%. Crystals of this type have 400 times more resistance to impact and pressure than standard windows.

The insulation panels are made of mineral wool of 30mm.

The maximum operating temperature is 130 C and the maximum operating pressure 6bar (test pressure 9 bar)

The diameter of the different collector tubes are F9 x 0.4 - F22 x 0.7. There is the possibility to use F12 and F15 vertical pipelines.

The maximum water temperature that can be reached during the summer and winter months is 95 C

On days with low intensity and duration of sunshine, the selective collectors give quick response of the system.

With proper installation and the necessary maintenance collectors have a lifetime of over 15 years.

We offer collectors, suitable for the production of large volume of hot water for example for a pool.

Collectors description

  1. A specific designed frame, by anodized aluminum.
  2. Special unbreakable crystal (TEMPERED LOW-IRON SECURIT) for better absorption of solar radiation.
  3. Collecting surface by selective copper. Coated copper with titanium (TINOX), stuck to the copper pipes using ULTRASONIC technology.
    3α. Collecting surface by aluminum foil coated with electrostatic semi-selected paint, placed in copper pipes for ordinary collectors.
  4. Copper pipes.
  5. Mineral wool insulation of 30mm.